DTWM 141: The Duality of Humans

In this episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast, HeyCutie welcomes Ms. Houston and Oz back to the show to discuss competing with your mate. We dive into when it is healthy versus when it turns toxic. We also discussed the varying emotions and the expectations we have of others when expressing their emotions.

We were drinking… of course! The drink for this episode is called Liquid Duality. Made with Effen Cucumber Vodka, Simply Peach Juice, Simply Watermelon Juice, a splash of club soda, served on the rocks. CHEERS!!

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DTWM 140: In the Meantime…

In this episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast, HeyCutie welcomes Sam, of Be True To You, to the podcast. It was a pleasure to discuss what that time between relationships should look like with a therapist who also has experience with living in the meantime. This was a judgement free zone where we both shared some of the ways to get over your ex, focus on opportunities for growth and lean into your strength. It’s time to free ourselves of our baggage and it takes courage to do that!

We were drinking… of course! This episode’s drink was called Flaws & All. Made with Ciroc Passion Vodka, Cran Mango Juice, Simply Peach Juice, a splash of fresh lemon juice in a champagne glass, garnished with frozen berries and tropical fruit. Cheers!

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