DTWM 92: Goldilocks Syndrome

This week’s episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast HeyCutie sits down with special guest Christian aka The Mayor to discuss the Goldilocks Syndrome. Have you met someone that likes you more than you like them and vice versa? We dive in and try to understand how to avoid this syndrome and meet your “just right”. We went into the crates and pulled out a drink from DTWM’s past. This Week’s Drink of the week:

Pure Peach

2 oz Hennesy Pure White
3 oz Simply Peach Juice
Poured over ice

DTWM 75: Green Card Love

Fresh off Heycutie’s trip to Curacao we’re talking al about the implications of finding a boo overseas. Why are these relationships so taboo? Drink up and Listen in! Drink of the week: Cherry Lifesaver

DTWM-42: Single Series with Rosita

We have a new Single Series guest this week. Rosita “RosieNotPerez” is a twenty-something single professional in Charlotte. She’s the brains and beauty behind the travel blog LeavingHerMark. Listen in as we dive into her dating experience in Charlotte.

Drink of the Week: Purple Rain

DTWM-31: Trip Review: Winter Xscape 2016

We’re fresh off the ship from Winter Xscape! This week’s episode is a full review of our recent vacation experience. HeyCutie and Geek Goddess interview Tony Stanford, Founder of TLS World Travel about the Winter Xscape experience and how singles can benefit from joining the group.

To learn more about TLS World Travel and how you can get amazing deals on your next vacay, visit their website here.

Drink of the Week: Spicy Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic