DTWM-32: Is Single the New Priority

Is being “single and happy” the new priority for millennials? Do we aspire to have career, status, or fame over being a great spouse? In this episode, we make the case for marriage and why it’s important to build strong black families.

Drink of the Week: St. Germain Cocktail

DTWM-30: Nudes for Your Dude

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we know our singles are thinking about what gift to give. In this episode we discuss taking ‘Nudes for your Dude’. Would you ever take boudoir photos for your partner? Listen in as we discuss.

Drink of the Week: Cucumber Cooler

DTWM-27: Sex as a Weapon or Reward

In this episode, we discuss how women (and some men) are using sex as a weapon or reward in their relationships. Is it healthy, and are there other tactics that can be used to work through relationship issues?

The countdown to Winter Xscape is on… so we’re still watching our calories. Help us… Please help us.

Drink of the Day: Tequila Gimlet

DTWM-26: The Saga Continues

The Bill Cosby saga continued over the New Year holiday. In our first episode for the year, we discuss how to avoid getting drugged and what to do if it happens to you. We also talk about what we can do to support our own.

Since we’re 4 weeks out from our vacation, we decided to make a drink that would get us drunk but not fat.

Drink of the week: Slim Chick Cocktail – only 100 calories!

DTWM-25: What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?

What do the lonely do at Christmas? Great question! Drink ‘Til We’re Married hosts HeyCutie and Geek Goddess give listeners a few suggestions on how to avoid an awkward or lonely holiday season.

Reservations for One: Treat yourself to dinner at either your favorite restaurant or the place you’ve been waiting to try all year. Don’t forget to have a drink at the bar either before or after dinner, you could potentially meet another person enjoying the holidays alone.
Movies: May the Force be With You.
Spa Day: Pamper yourself this holiday season. Next year will be your best year yet, so prepare your body now. While your there, try a new nail color or hair cut to ring in the New Year Fresh to Death.
Go Support the Home Team: If you’re in Charlotte this is a little difficult because of how AWESOME the Carolina Panthers are but tailgate parties are a must.
Travel: BookDatIsh (s/o to Push Kee) – If when you see an amazing travel deal for a destination you’ve been waiting to visit.
Drink of the Week: 50Daddy – When Two Titans Collide

DTWM-22: Does Monogamy Still Exist in 2015?

Lately we’ve heard the term “Hall Pass” thrown around everywhere as it relates to new relationships. In this episode hosts HeyCutie and Geek Goddess discuss monogamy; does it still exist in 2015? We discuss why couples are redefining what a traditional marriage looks like, and whether this change is healthy for our community and future generations.

We also dive into why the guests on the new season of #AskaBlackMan don’t have a real jobs.

The Drink of the Week is the highly anticipated Ciroc Apple.