DTWM 86: Growth

In this episode of Drink Til We’re Married, HeyCutie and Geek Goddess welcome back CKDub to discuss “Growth” and make a huge announcement. ┬áThe hit series Insecure inspired this topic and we discussed ways we have each grown and how we deal with relationships when partners and/or friends are growing and changing as well.

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This Week’s Drink of the week:

Pure Peach

2 oz Hennesy Pure White
3 oz Simply Peach Juice
Poured over ice

DTWM 66: Insecure Review

We’re back for another episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast! This week we’re giving a full review of the hit HBO show “Insecure” created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore. The season finale aired on Sunday night and we’re still rying to recover. Listen in as we analyze, criticizze and empathize with the main character Issa, an insecure, pre- #blackgirlmagic 30-something struggling to keep her job, friendships ad relationship afloat. Drink of the week: Hot Chocolate Overload