DTWM 87: “I Do” Then “I Don’t”

HeyCutie received this topic idea from the fellas so… In this episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast, HeyCutie and CKDub are discussing when a woman says “I Do” and then begin saying “I Don’t” to a number of things like cooking, cleaning and most importantly sex! Tune in as we discuss this topic from a number of vantage points and eventually flip it back on the fellas! 

Drink of the Week: Panther Punch

1 oz of Regular Vodka
1 oz of Orange Vodka
1 oz of Smirnoff Blueberry Raspberry Vodka
1 oz of Sour Mix
fill the glass with Sprite
All poured over ice

DTWM-46: It’s Complicated

It’s Small Business Week in Charlotte and we know lots of professionals have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur. But is it really a good idea to go into business with your significant other?  In this episode we discuss the FOUR things you should consider before taking that leap. We know… it’s a complicated topic but we do our best to give you tools to succeed.

DTWM-45: Expectation vs Reality

Get ready to laugh. This week’s episode is full of drunk random relationship conversation… From Russell Wilson telling men to marry women out of their league, to newly weds asking for better wedding gifts. Are people really setting themselves up for a false reality? Drink up and Listen in!

Drink of the Week: A Parisian Margarita

DTWM-44: Get Your House in Order

In this episode we address a question from Bossip.com; I Want To Get Married & I Said No More Pre-Martial Sex & He Said Why Not, by Terrance Dean.

Drink of the Day: Pineapple Upside Down

DTWM-34: The Boomerang Effect

In this weeks episode THE BOOMERANG EFFECT we discuss how to handle on-again, off-again relationships.

Should you take an ex back?
When you should give an ex another chance.
What happens when you take an ex back.
We offer some tips on how to turn your pain into progress. This episode is perfect for anyone who is considering or has ever considered getting back with an ex.

DTWM-26: The Saga Continues

The Bill Cosby saga continued over the New Year holiday. In our first episode for the year, we discuss how to avoid getting drugged and what to do if it happens to you. We also talk about what we can do to support our own.

Since we’re 4 weeks out from our vacation, we decided to make a drink that would get us drunk but not fat.

Drink of the week: Slim Chick Cocktail – only 100 calories!

DTWM-25: What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?

What do the lonely do at Christmas? Great question! Drink ‘Til We’re Married hosts HeyCutie and Geek Goddess give listeners a few suggestions on how to avoid an awkward or lonely holiday season.

Reservations for One: Treat yourself to dinner at either your favorite restaurant or the place you’ve been waiting to try all year. Don’t forget to have a drink at the bar either before or after dinner, you could potentially meet another person enjoying the holidays alone.
Movies: May the Force be With You.
Spa Day: Pamper yourself this holiday season. Next year will be your best year yet, so prepare your body now. While your there, try a new nail color or hair cut to ring in the New Year Fresh to Death.
Go Support the Home Team: If you’re in Charlotte this is a little difficult because of how AWESOME the Carolina Panthers are but tailgate parties are a must.
Travel: BookDatIsh (s/o to Push Kee) – If when you see an amazing travel deal for a destination you’ve been waiting to visit.
Drink of the Week: 50Daddy – When Two Titans Collide

DTWM-19: Presentation is Everything

We’ve all heard the saying, “Presentation is Everything” but how often do we think about what presentation is necessary as we get older?

On this episode, Geek Goddess and HeyCutie discuss the 10 Things Women Over 30 are Too Damn Old For.  This conversation is perfect for women in their early thirties who haven’t fully made the transition into grown and sexy hood.

In honor of Grown and Sexy hood, the drink of the day is “Make Me Over”; HeyCutie’s own special recipe.

DTWM-18: Live with Itz More Than Music Radio Show on Power 104.4FM

Listen in as Drink til We’re Married Podcast hosts Geek Goddess and HeyCutie are interviewed by the Itz More Than Music Radio Show.

This week’s featured drink was provided by Neon Energy Drink. We mixed it up with a little Ciroc Pineapple and it was delish!

Whether you are working out or hanging out, NEON delivers an ideal energy boost any time you need it! It’s crafted with 24% fruit juice from concentrate, a blend of caffeine from green tea, Gotu Kola and 7 essential B vitamins—for enhanced energy, brain support and healthy metabolism.

DTWM-17: Too Soon or Nah

There are pertinent questions that everyone must know at some point in a relationship. But when is an ideal time to ask personal questions? How do you know when you’re crossing the line between getting to know someone and just being nosey? In this week’s episode, HeyCutie and Geek Goddess discuss the right time to ask the right questions.

Drink of the Day: Grapefruit Tequila Slammer —  We are still celebrating a Breast Cancer Awareness Month and drinking to the cure.