DTWM-08: How To Choose a Woman That Will Make You a Better Man

DTWM hosts HeyCutie & Geek Goddess tackle a burning question: How To Choose a Woman That Will Make You a Better Man? Listen in to this episode as we share our outlook on dating and today’s relationship experts. This week’s drink is a Green Destiny.

DTWM-07: No Home Training = Dating Dilemmas

Does your family dynamic determine your dating style? Were you raised to understand relationships? Let’s dig in!
Grab your grapefruit mojitos and join Heycutie and Geek Goddess as we discuss how to improve your dating style.

DTWM-05: The Representative vs. The Real You

How do you know if the person you’re dating is the real deal? On this episode HeyCutie and Geek Goddess share insights on why we use representatives and how to spot a fake person. Tonight’s Drink of the Day (DOTD)is the newly popular Moscow mule

DTWM-01: Breaking Up Chris Brown Style

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