DTWM 139: Mansplain Me This…

On this episode of Drink Til We’re Married Podcast, HeyCutie welcomes Steve, a professional podcast guest host, to the show to discuss how we restore support in the black community. Men, do you feel supported in your community and more importantly in your relationships? Ladies, are you a “soft place” to land for your man? Tune in to hear this self proclaimed “Man Sympathizer”, he makes great points and mansplains how he defines support.

And of course we are drinking! This episode’s drink was The DTWM. This is a spin on our classic/favorite drink, made with: 1.5 oz of Grey Goose Essences Watermelon Basil Vodka, 4.5 oz of Soda Water, muddle the vodka with fresh watermelon, cucumber, limes, served on the rocks with a lime and cucumber garnish… Cheers!

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