DTWM 65: Rent- a-Boo for the Holidays

It’s time for Thanksgiving and we already know what Grandma is cooking! Greens, Beans, Tomatoes, Potato…”younameit So WHO are you bringing to dinner? A new boo, an old friend or a convenient “new friend”? Listen in as we discuss the do’s and don’ts of renting a boo for the holidays. Drink of the week: Hottie Toddy

DTWM 57: Negative Nancy

We’re back for Season 2!

In this episode we discuss Negative Nancy (and Nate). Is being negative Nanacy affecting your friendships and relationships? If you. Or someone you know, is suffereing from Negative Nancy syndrome this episode is for you! Featured Cocktail: Crown Royal Vanilla Mixed Berry Lemonade. Recipe: Crown Royal Vanilla Mixed Berry Lemonade is the perfect spiked beverage to end summer with! Lemon-infused simple syrup married with freshly squeezed lemons, Crown Royal Vanilla Whiskey, frozen mixed berries and a splash of sparkling water!

DTWM-53: Tapes, Trains & STDs

Hold on to your cocktail glasses, we’re taking you for a wild ride this episode. This week the hosts of Drink til We’re Married are discussing the “Hoe Phase”. How exactly do you enjoy being Young, Wild & Free without ending up with Sex Tapes, Train tales or a STD? Listen up as the ladies break it down.

Drink of the Week: Watermelon Strawberry Mojito Drink up and Listen in!

DTWM-44: Get Your House in Order

In this episode we address a question from Bossip.com; I Want To Get Married & I Said No More Pre-Martial Sex & He Said Why Not, by Terrance Dean.

Drink of the Day: Pineapple Upside Down

DTWM-41: Ladies Locker Room with Vashti Hurt

Welcome to the Ladies Locker Room! In this episode we interview Vashti Hurt, Founder and Editor & Chief of CarolinaBlitz.com. Vashti shares her experience working in a male dominated sports industry and how it impacts her dating life. She also shares a little tea with us about what’s happening with our favorite athletes and the ladies they love.

Drink of the Week: Sunday Sangria infused with Crown Royal Apple

DTWM-39: The Thirst Factor Part 2 (with E Dub)

Today we have a special guest who is representing for the fellas. He’s the creator and co-host of EZ Does It Podcast, a devoted member of APhiA, and an overall good dude. This week’s episode is part 2 of a 2 part episode discussing the “thirst” factor. We’re discussing what it means to be thirsty and how social media has affected dating.

Check out the EZDoesIt Podcast crew on FB: https://www.facebook.com/EZ-Does-It-Podcast

Drink of the Week: Crown Apple and Coke (or CranApple juice)

Drink up and Listen In!

DTWM-36: Tough Love: Special Guest, Roni Simpson writer of the Tough Love Series

In this episode of Drink til We’re Married we’re interviewing the writer and producer of the wildly popular web seriesTough Love, Roni Simpson. During our girl talk we get a chance to learn all about how the characters were created and how to handle working with your significant other. This episode is perfect for any ambitious single who wants to understand how to balance work and relationships…and someone who needs a new show to dive into on the weekends.

To support the Tough Love Series, please DONATE to the production of season 2. gofundme.com/ToughLoveSeries

Drink of the Week: Water (no really, drink at least 8 glasses a day!)

Drink up and Listen In!

DTWM-33: Which ‘Golden Girl’ are You

As we get older maintaining solid friendships is essential to navigating life. On this episode we discuss the quintessential sitcoms that highlight the journey single women take in their 20’s & 30’s. Shows like Golden Girls, Girlfriends, Sex in the City, and Living Single each had characters with similar personalities. Tonight we discuss which character fits you best and which do you ABSOLUTELY need by your side. This episode is perfect women who want to evaluate or take stock of their friendships.

Drink of the Week: Salted Caramel Apple Martini