DTWM-21: The Dating Game

Are you tired of going out to the club with the hopes of meeting someone?  Maybe you don’t want to step into the online dating scene to find a date.  Well if you’re in the Queen City, there’s an event you should attend that’s going to change the way you find a date.

Prive Charlotte is bringing  “The Dating Game” to North Carolina.

On this episode, HeyCutie and Geek Goddess sit down with Ryan from Prive Charlotte to find out how they came up with this idea, why they think the city needs an event like this, how they selected the contestants and what other events we should be on the look out for from them.

For tickets to this event visit: Prive Charlotte.com

Since we’re talking about dating, we found the perfect cocktail for date night.  The drink of the day is the Sparkling Lemon Drop Martini

DTWM-20: Besties over Testies

Our episode this week answers a question from a listener:
“Can you be friends with someone when you hate the person whom they’re dating? My friend’s boyfriend is a cheater and a liar, and she keeps taking him back. She moved him in and this changed everything between us. He got her and another girl pregnant at the same time. And he puts the other girl on his Facebook with pictures of them dating and none of her. My friend has loaned him money, which he has used to take the other chick out…. But still she wants him. The site of him sickens me so I don’t hang around her when he is around. They live together and I do NOT feel comfortable being there if he is home. I invite her out with me but I have to ask if she is coming alone because I don’t want him in my house.I love her and feel like a bad friend because of the limitations I have put on our friendship. Plus she isn’t the same person she, she is sad all the time or angry and shuts herself off to the world. I still reach out to check on her but I do not bring up the boyfriend at all.

As a friend should I keep my distance and see how it plays out? Try only talking to her on the phone and seeing her when he isn’t around and hope it doesn’t push her way? Or do I need to fake it until I make it with the boyfriend and let him come with her when we hang out?”
Geek Goddess and HeyCutie give the listener advice on how to handle this situation and when it’s a good time to step away or set boundaries. Listen in as we help preserve friendships and weed out the foolery.

Drink of the Day: Queen Bee Royale

DTWM-19: Presentation is Everything

We’ve all heard the saying, “Presentation is Everything” but how often do we think about what presentation is necessary as we get older?

On this episode, Geek Goddess and HeyCutie discuss the 10 Things Women Over 30 are Too Damn Old For.  This conversation is perfect for women in their early thirties who haven’t fully made the transition into grown and sexy hood.

In honor of Grown and Sexy hood, the drink of the day is “Make Me Over”; HeyCutie’s own special recipe.

DTWM-18: Live with Itz More Than Music Radio Show on Power 104.4FM

Listen in as Drink til We’re Married Podcast hosts Geek Goddess and HeyCutie are interviewed by the Itz More Than Music Radio Show.

This week’s featured drink was provided by Neon Energy Drink. We mixed it up with a little Ciroc Pineapple and it was delish!

Whether you are working out or hanging out, NEON delivers an ideal energy boost any time you need it! It’s crafted with 24% fruit juice from concentrate, a blend of caffeine from green tea, Gotu Kola and 7 essential B vitamins—for enhanced energy, brain support and healthy metabolism.

DTWM-17: Too Soon or Nah

There are pertinent questions that everyone must know at some point in a relationship. But when is an ideal time to ask personal questions? How do you know when you’re crossing the line between getting to know someone and just being nosey? In this week’s episode, HeyCutie and Geek Goddess discuss the right time to ask the right questions.

Drink of the Day: Grapefruit Tequila Slammer —  We are still celebrating a Breast Cancer Awareness Month and drinking to the cure.

DTWM-16: This Is Why You’re Single

We’ve all done it one time or another. Rested on our beliefs and assumptions about dating, then wondered why we’re still single. Don’t fall into the trap. Rid yourself of false beliefs that society or tradition have made us believe are true. How many beliefs or assumptions are keeping you single? On this episode we  discuss the 10 beliefs that are keeping you single and how to overcome those beliefs.

And… drumroll please

Our drink(s) of the day is courtesy of MillerCoors. We had a super fun beer cider tasting with the new fall lineup from the brand.

DTWM-15: What About Your Friends?

We all know the song.. “What About Your Friends” by TLC But after seeing what happened between Matt Barnes & Derek Fisher. When is it a good time to end a friendship? HeyCutie and Geek Goddess discuss nine scenarios where it it’s probably best to end the friendship and if it’s okay to date your friends ex.

In honor of our livers, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re drinking on virgin Sparkling Icetinis. Go out a grab a bottle and listen in!

DTWM-14: Drunken Randomness

This episode is properly titled as HeyCutie and Geek Goddess do a whole lot a drinking and discuss random relationship topics. From football, dating bums, height requirements, and much much more.

For the month of October, we’re honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Drink of the Day is a Sparkling Ice Sip Pink For The Cure Cocktail (whew, that’s a mouth full)! Grab a drink and Listen in!

DTWM-13: Do Real Men…?

What happens when women answer the question, do real men? HeyCutie and Geek Goddess + special guest CuteTeaPi spill the beans on what constitutes a real man, and what violates “man code”.

The Drink of the Day is a Ketel One Margarita

DTWM-12: Keeping the U in Us

Today’s episode is dedicated to all the single ladies who are entering new relationships this fall. How do you keep the U in Us?  Heycutie and Geek Goddess share their opinions and experience on self-preservation in new relationships. Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to set expectations early on in the courtship
Why not to ditch your girls when you meet a new guy
How to handle self-preservation when you’re already in a long term relationship
Evaluating your individualism in the relationship; Is it really all about U?
The Drink of the Day is a St. Germain Margarita Grab your drinks and listen in!