DTWM-04: Does Your Past Ever Get Deleted?

HeyCutie and Geek Goddess are back with two special guests, Buddy & Ryan. Listen in as the guys share their opinion on whether or not your past gets deleted. We’re drinking on Jack Daniels with a splash of sprite.

DTWM-03: Wedding +1s

It’s wedding season! Drink til We’re Married hosts are talking about wedding +1’s. When is it okay to bring a date to a wedding? Heycutie and Geek Goddess are sipping on Grand Marnier and having a good time.

DTWM-02: Do Down Chicks Get Big Rings?

Listen in to episode 2 of Drink til We’re Married podcast. Heycutie and Geek Goddess are discussing what is a “down a$$” chick and should she be rewarded for being committed.

DTWM-01: Breaking Up Chris Brown Style

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