DTWM-20: Besties over Testies

Our episode this week answers a question from a listener:
“Can you be friends with someone when you hate the person whom they’re dating? My friend’s boyfriend is a cheater and a liar, and she keeps taking him back. She moved him in and this changed everything between us. He got her and another girl pregnant at the same time. And he puts the other girl on his Facebook with pictures of them dating and none of her. My friend has loaned him money, which he has used to take the other chick out…. But still she wants him. The site of him sickens me so I don’t hang around her when he is around. They live together and I do NOT feel comfortable being there if he is home. I invite her out with me but I have to ask if she is coming alone because I don’t want him in my house.I love her and feel like a bad friend because of the limitations I have put on our friendship. Plus she isn’t the same person she, she is sad all the time or angry and shuts herself off to the world. I still reach out to check on her but I do not bring up the boyfriend at all.

As a friend should I keep my distance and see how it plays out? Try only talking to her on the phone and seeing her when he isn’t around and hope it doesn’t push her way? Or do I need to fake it until I make it with the boyfriend and let him come with her when we hang out?”
Geek Goddess and HeyCutie give the listener advice on how to handle this situation and when it’s a good time to step away or set boundaries. Listen in as we help preserve friendships and weed out the foolery.

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