DTWM 79: Hitting Rock Bottom

Keri Hilson says every woman has a Breaking Point. In this week’s episode we’re talking about what it feels like to hit rock bottom. How do you know when you’re reached your breaking point?

DTWM 78: Prisoners In Love: Dating Behind Bars

This week’s topic NEEDED it’s own episode. Who knew dating prisoners was such a thing? Tune in this week as we discuss whether dating a prisoner could be a potential life partner. Check out our Drink of the week: Sweet Blush

DTWM 77: Accidental Pregnancies

We’re back for another hilarious episodes of Drink til We’re Married Podcast. This week we’re discussing accidental pregnancies. Can a pregnancy really be “accidental”? Tune in as we discuss our experience with unplanned/ accidental pregnancies and what that means for two single women in their 30’s. Drink of the Week: Threesome

DTWM 76: Fairytales and Happily Ever After

Why do women believe there is a Prince charming waiting to sweep them off their feet? why do parents feed us that fairytale bs? It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and the week after the movie Fifty Shades Darker grossed $47M in the US and almost $100M internationally, it’s safe to say women still believe in Prince Charming… or at least we enjoy wathcing and/or reading about the fantasy of him. ARe you waiting on prince or princess charming? Tune is as we discuss

DTWM 75: Green Card Love

Fresh off Heycutie’s trip to Curacao we’re talking al about the implications of finding a boo overseas. Why are these relationships so taboo? Drink up and Listen in! Drink of the week: Cherry Lifesaver

DTWM 74: Should You Be With The Person You Love or Who Loves You?

We’ve heard the advice from the ederly “Marry a man tha tloves you more than you love them”. But is this GOOD advice? Tune in as we discuss! Drink of the week: 360 Sexy

DTWM 73: Dating with Kids

Are you open to dating someone with kids? Or are you a single parent who’s navigating the dating world while raising kids? This week we’re talking all about how parenthood affects our dating life. Drink of the Week: Bloody Mary Cocktail

DTWM 72: What Happnes When You’re Out of That “Phase”

How do you know when you are in a “Phase”? What happens when you’ve chosen a mate based on a phase and/or that person was in at the time? If you marry someone in a phase then you move out of it, how does this impact your relationship? We discuss all this and more. Drink up and join in! Drink of the Week: Whiskey Champagne Cocktail Recipe: 1/2 oz Crown Royal Vanilla Whiskey 3 oz Champagne 3 ripe strawberries- divided, 2 ice cubes

DTWM 71: Shoot Your Shot

Leave your fear in 2016! This week’s episode is all about how to move past fear and pride to get what you want this year. Shoot Your Shot. According to Urban Dictionary, ‘shooting you shot’ is “to let go of your pride and pursue someone you are interested in.” We love this defintion because it begins with the root issue” letting go of you pride. Sometimes you just have to stop being scared and go for it. Either it will work or it won’t. That’s life.

DTWM 70: Is Cheating a Sign of Weakness

Welcome to 2017! In our first episode of the year we’re discusing whether or not cheating makes one “weak”. Tune in and send us your thoughts.